Saturday, May 12, 2012
Just want to share what I did today.  I took my 10 year old granddaughter, Taylor to hear Sara Trail talk.  She is a 17 year old quilter and seamstress that has published a book and teaches sewing to kids.  She started sewing with her grandmother when she was 4 and has been making things since she was 6 -- her first endeavor at making $$ from her craft was in high school....she made scrunchies and sold them.  She has made a lot of quilts and is now making artsy quilts.  Check out her web page, she is an inspiration.  I have posted some photos here of some of her quilts - the first photo is of her and my granddaughter, Taylor.
                                                   Sara and Taylor
  Sara made this quilt when she was 10

              Not sure how old she was when she made this one, but she was very young

                            this is one of her artsy quilts she made for her church
Taylor has been taking classes at our local quilt shop, the Country Cloth Shop in Angels Camp.  She has been making clothes for her American doll.  In July she will be taking a 4 day class.  At that class she will get her own Bernette 46, learn how to use it, and will make several items while she is there.  She's very excited, and I am very proud of her.

                                      Taylor at class making robe for doll

                                                        The Robe

                                                          Doll Quilt

                                        P. J's she made for her little sister
           This is the machine that she will get with the class ...lucky little girl!!

Well that's all the bragging that I can do today!  I have to get busy sewing - haven't done much lately, and I things are piling up!  Never enough time!!  I get to visit my daughter, Michelle in 2 weeks!! I'm sooooooooo excited!! 



  1. How fun that you can share this passion with your granddaughter. Sara seems pretty amazing.

  2. Way to go Taylor! She is definately off to a fabulous start as a sewist/quilter. Can't wait to see what she creates in July.

  3. So cute!! Taylor has learned so much...all thanks to you! Great post! :)

  4. That is terrific! My 8-year-old (today) granddaughter seems to be taking a real interest in sewing and I hope it continues. I live about 3 hours away from her, though, and am the only one who sews and can work with that is a disadvantage. I'm sure Taylor is excited about getting that sewing machine!!!