Sunday, April 29, 2012
Wow!!  Time sure's been two weeks since I created this blog, and I have 147 viewers.  That is sooooooo exciting!!  Most of my viewers have come from my daughter Michelle's blog, but that's fantastic.....thank you all so much!!

I have been doing a few things......first I had to rearrange my fabric.  Couldn't find anything that I wanted.  I can see that this will be an on-going job as the "stash" grows.  It is interesting to read how people keep their fabric stash.  Some in totes and some in closets with shelves (there are even films on u-tube).  I don't have a lot of room to keep it, so with what I have I just placed it in baskets, kind of by color on a shelf.  Taylor, my grand daughter was here yesterday, and she said "this is cool, you can find what color you want real easily".....that was my point and it worked, but as the stash grows, this might not work.  Here is a photo of how it looks.

Second, I had to finish the birthday present for my grand daughter, Megan.  Today, she is 25......can't believe that this is true.  They grow up sooooooo fast!!  Unfortunately, I finished her gift and forgot to take a picture of it before I mailed it off.  Maybe Michelle will when she sees Megan, and then she can send it to me to post here.

You may have seen what it is..........a little purse made from a Man's Tie.  They are so much fund to make.  Megan called me when she received it and said she really liked it.  I hope so!!

The last item that has been keeping me busy in my spare time was the "Quilt Square of the Month" that I have been doing.  I have appliqued before and love doing it, but it's been a while, and when I copied the pattern, I forgot that it would be reversed, and proceeded to do it backwards.  That was ok, but I also didn't read all of the directions before I did it and when it was finished the square that the bird and flowers were on was bigger then it should have been.  I didn't realize this until it was completely appliqued.  So, this meant that the squares around the center square were going to be too small........long story, short = I figured it out and cut them a tiny bit larger, and it all worked out!!  But, the whole square was too large to hang on my new hanger that I won last month, so I made a pillow.

 I think that this is it for now.  Thanks again for visiting me!!  Have a great Sunday!!


  1. Your stash looks very pretty the way you have it arranged and I love your pillow. are learning fast to make adjustments, where needed. (I rarely follow a pattern exactly.....usually change something to make it my own!!!)

  2. Your fabric looks sooo fancy like that! I love it! You know I love your's awesome! :)