Sunday, June 3, 2012
June 3, 2012

The last 2 weeks have been so much fun!!  On May 24th, I went to Dover, DE to visit my daughter and her family.  The visit was to see my grandson, Zach graduate from University of Delaware with a degree in Physics and to be at the commissioning for him into the Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant.  He is now going to go into pilot training.  I am so proud of him.  He is such a wonderful person, full of fun and love......I love being with him!!!


                                              Zach and Proud Dad, Travis

                                          Proud Parents Travis & Michelle

                                                Isn't this a great pic!!!

While visiting with them for this wonderful occasion, I was able to join my daughter in part of her life as a quilter.  She has a long arm and she let me play with it.....that was it, just takes lots of practice to make it do what you want.   She does a beautiful job on the quilts that she does for herself and other people.  If you haven't used her to quilt your quilts, give her a try.  You won't be sorry!!

She took me to her Quilt Guild meeting, her "sit and sew", and to the Cotton Club evening of sewing..........oh, how I would like to be a part of that whole group of ladies,....they were very nice and it was a lot of fun!! 

Then we spent one of the days in Lancaster........that was incredible!  I have never seen so much fabric and the Country is beautiful.  Of course, some of that fabric was waiting for me to bring it much that I had to UPS it home.....wouldn't fit in my suitcase 8-).

                                           Beautiful Country, Lancaster

My other daughter, Jennifer, went with me to Dover and stayed part of the time that I was there.  We went to Rohoboth Beach while she was there.  Oh my, so many people on the beach - you could hardly get to the water!!  It was a beautiful day!  I understand that this is what East Coast people do - "go to the beach!!"

                             Umbrellas everywhere for as far as you could see!!

It was a fantastic trip.......I did not want to come home!!

Now, I am here trying to get back into the groove.  The quilt along group that I belong to submitted their squares and Jo picked winners (she has a drawing from all that are submitted).  I didn't win this month, but my daughter Michelle did.  Here is my square and this is the link to view all of the squares if you want to see

                                   (Looks orange in this pic - it's really red)
                                                      May Quilt Square
This was a challenge!  Lots of little squares.  I had hoped that the square that was picked for June wouldn't be little squares (I don't think I am a "tiny piecer").  It's not little squares, it's tiny tiny triangles 8-(    Oh well, I love challenges!!

I think that I need to get back to getting things organized for the coming week.  So I'm going to stop now - this was a long blog!! 

Have a great week!