Thursday, December 20, 2012
Well it's almost Christmas...."are you ready?"  That seems to be the question everyone asks everyone else at this time of the season. 

I returned home 3 days ago from visiting my daughter, Michelle and her family in Delaware.  It was so much fun....we Christmas shopped, ate, visited, ate, did some sewing (which I will talk more about later) and we ate.  We went out to lunch a couple of times--I love going out to eat. 

I also got to make Christmas Candy in addition to the Christmas shopping with Michelle and Megan.  That was loads of fun.....and I personally think that is one of the best parts of the holidays....preparation with family and friends!!  So, I finished my Christmas shopping there and shipped it all home.  (Wow! postage is sky-high now)

The reason that I went to Delaware at this time of the year was to see my granddaughter, Megan graduate from collage.  She graduated with a Degree in Literature, which was no surprise.  Her whole life, she has been in love with books and would read a book in just a couple of days.........she could read in the car without getting sick!!   Amazing to me....I can't even look down for a second without feeling queasy.  She has always had a book close by!!  She is going to go on to school and go for her Masters -- maybe teach!!

We are all so proud of her, she has worked very hard to get to where she is........she has always had a job in addition to school too!  She is my first grandchild, and I have a special place in my heart for "My Megan"!!

Here is a pic of the graduation.........

Michelle, Me, Megan, Travis and Zach

While I was with Michelle, we were able to get some sewing done during all the Christmas/Graduation stuff.........there is a "mystery quilt" that Bonnie Hunter is orchestrating  called "Easy Street".   I said I would do it too, but not on full scale because I just don't have that much time with working and all.  So, I have taken the numbers that are in Bonnie's instructions and divided them by 4, so my quilt will be one quarter of the size of everyone else's (that is the plan...may have to add or subtract some in the end). 

I was able to catch up on the steps that have been given.  It's fun.....the colors are a step "out of my box", but it will be lots of fun to see what it turns out to be.  Bonnie is amazing to me, and I know that it will be special. 

Here's a photo of the progress that each step has brought us to.......

Easy Street - Steps 1-4     

I also got started on my "quilt-along-square" which has to be done by the end of this month.  That should be easy to finish after Christmas.  This has been an on-going project every month with a new 12-inch square.  I can honestly say that I will not be sad to see this quilt-along finished.  Working with all the ladies and getting to know them in cyber space has been fun, but the little pieces of these projects were not fun for me. 


When I got home late Monday night, my youngest son, Matthew,  was waiting for me with his girlfriend - they had house-sat for me while I was gone.  I was wondering why they waited for me to come home instead of going on to their house, but I soon found out.....they wanted to tell me that they are "going to have a baby" fantastic!!  I am so excited!!   This is the best Christmas present ever!!  

I am so blessed to have all of these grand children.......this baby will make "10".

Merry Christmas to all of you 
 I hope you have a super holiday!!


  1. It sounds like you and Michelle had a good time. Down-sizing Easy Street is a great way to participate in the mystery without getting too stressed over doing it through the holiday madness.
    Congrats on grandchild #10.

  2. Great post! I'm so glad you came for a visit! It's always fun to have you here. :) Love you!

  3. What a wonderful blog post! Congrats on Megan's graduation and also the news of your new addition to the family! Happy that you are sewing along with us on Bonni's mystery too ;)